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What Does It Mean To Mute Someone On Instagram? (Best solution)

The new feature lets you hide posts in feed from certain accounts, without unfollowing them. With this change, you can make your feed even more personalized to what matters to you. When you mute an account, you can still see posts on their profile page and get notified about comments or posts you’re tagged in.

When you mute someone on Instagram what do they see?

When you mute someone, their posts and stories will no longer show up in your feed, but they’ll still be able to see your posts, and you can visit each other’s account pages. And don’t worry, Instagram doesn’t send any sort of notification when you mute someone.

When you mute someone on Instagram Can they still message you?

If you mute him, you can still see his messages and stories through his profile and he can see your messages and stories too. They can message you and call you, but you won’t be notified. You cannot send messages to someone you have blocked, and the messages they send will not reach you.

How do you know if someone has muted you?

If a person who used to often like or comment on your posts seems to have suddenly gone silent, you may have been muted. Try seeing if they ‘re still actively liking and commenting on other people’s posts – if so, that’s a clearer sign.

Can you mute someone on Instagram without them knowing?

When you mute an account, they will not be notified. Also, you can unmute the account if you change your mind. To mute someone on Instagram: Go to the profile you want to mute.

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What happens if you restrict someone on Instagram?

Introduced as an anti-bullying feature, Instagram’s Restrict function gives you more control over what comments both you and your followers see on your posts by limiting what restricted accounts can post on your profile. When you restrict someone, their comments and messages will be hidden from your profile.

How can you see who has muted you on Instagram?

Instagram: Here’s How to See Everyone You’ve Muted

  1. Step 1: Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. Step 2: Tap the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Step 3: Tap “Settings.”
  4. Step 4: Tap “Privacy.”
  5. Step 5: Tap “Muted Accounts.”

What is the difference between muting and blocking on Instagram?

Blocking refers to the restriction of two people to see the content of the other. Muting is sort of the same, but with the difference that only one person will no longer see the posts of the other.

How can I hide someone on Instagram without blocking them?

How to mute someone on Instagram

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Tap on the search icon.
  3. Enter the name of the account you’d like to mute in the search bar and tap on their profile.
  4. Tap ‘Following’
  5. Tap ‘Mute’
  6. Toggle ‘Posts’ on.

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