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How Do You Pin A Comment On Instagram? (Correct answer)

Open one of your Instagram posts and view all the comments. Find a comment you’d like to pin. Then swipe left on the particular comment and tap the thumb pin icon.

How do you unpin a comment on Instagram?

  • To unpin a comment, just swipe to the left and tap the pin button again. Tap “Unpin” to confirm. Users can pin their own comments when they go live on Instagram. To do so, type and post a comment in your live video on Instagram. Then tap your comment and select “Pin Comment”.

How do you pin a comment on Instagram 2020?

To pin a comment on Instagram live:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Tap on your profile picture on the top left of the screen.
  4. Find the Live button.
  5. Start the live video.
  6. Tap on any comment you want (you can add a comment and pin it too).
  7. Tap on Pin Comment.

Can you pin your own comment on Instagram 2021?

You cannot pin your own comment on a thread — remember to be strategic in the comments you choose to pin! You can pin up to three comments — choose wisely (or simply un-pin and re-pin a different comment) If you pin a person’s comment, they will get a notification — similar to a tag or mention.

How do you pin a DM on Instagram?

Now, users need to swipe on the comment they want to pin, from right to left on Android or iOS. You can view options where you are asked whether you want to reply, report or delete a comment. A new pin icon will also be visible. Click on the pin icon to pin your comment.

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How do you pin a post to the top on Instagram?

Once you’ve found a specific comment you want to pin, swipe to the left and tap on the thumbtack icon. You can pin up to three comments to the top of your post at a time, all of which will appear right underneath your photo with a “Pinned” label underneath it.

Where is message controls on Instagram?

Android and iOS

  • Tap your profile icon.
  • Tap ‘Your Activity.
  • Navigate to the ‘Time’ tab.
  • Select ‘Notification Settings.
  • If you want to turn off notifications for Direct Messages only, tap ‘Direct Messages’ and customize the settings.

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