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How To Change Background Color On Instagram Story When Sharing Post? (Best solution)

When you share a post to your Instagram story, Instagram will add a different colored background, which you can adjust. To change it, tap the pencil icon and choose your new color. Next, tap and hold the current background color of the post to replace it with the new color.

How to change the background of a post on Instagram?

  • Follow these steps: 1 Tap on the Send button under a post and select Add post to your story to get it to the story screen. 2 Tap on the Doodle icon and choose a background color for the post from the list below. 3 Touch and hold the screen to add the background color to the Instagram story. You will notice that the color doesn’t More

How do you change the background color on a repost story?

How To Change Background Color On Instagram Story When Reposting?

  1. Once you have shared the post to your story, tap the ‘Draw’ button in the top panel.
  2. Now select the ‘Sharpie’ tool.
  3. Tap the color that you would like to set as your background from the palette at the bottom.

How do you add a background when you share a feed post to your story?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Share a post from your feed to your Instagram Stories.
  2. Move the post to the left of your screen.
  3. Press on the “Sticker” button on top.
  4. Press on the “Photo Sticker” option.
  5. Choose your background picture.
  6. Make the background picture big so it touches the top and bottom of the screen.

Can you change the background color in Instagram stories?

Upload a photo from your camera roll to the Stories feature on the Instagram app. Click the pen icon. Select your desired color with the color dropper tool or choose from the default color options. Tap (press and hold) the pen or eraser tool.

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How do you change your background on Instagram DM?

Tap on the information icon you will see at the top right corner of the screen. In the pop down menu, choose settings and you will find the Instagram chat ‘Themes’ Icon. Click on ‘Themes’ and select the theme you want to find in the background. The theme you selected will now display in the background.

How can I change photo background?

How to Replace a Photo Background – The Simple Way

  1. Step 1: Load the image to PhotoScissors. Drag and drop the file to the app, or use the Open icon on the toolbar.
  2. Step 2: Replace the background. Click the Background tab on the right side and select “Background: Image”, then select an image file to set as a background.

Where is the photo sticker on Instagram?

You can access the new feature by selecting the sticker tool from the top navigation bar when you capture or upload content to your Story. From there, you can select the “Add Yours” sticker to start a public thread.

How do I decorate my Instagram stories?

10 creative Instagram Story ideas, tips, and tricks

  1. Use rainbow or ombre letters.
  2. Change the background color when sharing a post.
  3. Use individual letters as decorations.
  4. Mix fonts and handwriting together.
  5. Add a drop shadow to your text.
  6. Use text as a backdrop.
  7. Create a collage with multiple photos.

How do you get a plain background on Instagram stories?

After you take the photo, tap the pen icon at the top of the screen and select a color for your background. Then tap and hold anywhere on the screen and the color you selected will fill the screen. Tap Done or the check mark to save the color selection.

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How do you change your background on Instagram 2021?

How to change default background color in Instagram stories

  1. Open the Stories tab, and click on your gallery to select an image.
  2. Resize your image and adjust its location.
  3. Click the three dots, and tap ‘draw.
  4. Choose the color you want the background to be.

How do you change the color of your DM to purple on Instagram?

Under Chat Settings, you’ll see Theme. Tap this and scroll through a selection of colors and combinations to immediately change the way your messages look. The default theme that you’ve already been using is a mix of purples and blues that you can always return to.

Can I change the color of my text bubbles?

Can I Change the Color of My Text Bubbles? Well, specifically, in your Android default messaging application, you cannot customize the text bubbles color in any way. Android only allows you to change the background of the messaging screen.

Why can’t I change themes on Instagram?

Update Instagram App If you do not see the theme setting in your Instagram Messages, then you need to update the Instagram app. Open Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS) and search for Instagram. Tap on Update. Only when you have the new icon you will be able to use themes in Instagram chats.

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