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Why Wont Instagram Let Me Log In? (Solved)

Your account may have been blocked or deleted. Logging in from a new device that Instagram doesn’t recognize (which requires further verification). There is a communication issue between your device and the Instagram server. Your phone’s time and date are not set correctly.

  • If you are facing login issues on Instagram, chances are the system files are faulty, and clearing the app’s cache can fix Instagram won’t let me log in. Follow these steps to clear the cache for Instagram on your Android device: 1. Open Settings on your device. 2.

Why does my Instagram say error when I try to log in?

The Instagram login error “sorry there was a problem with your request” occurs due to several reasons. Some of the most notable ones are: Weak internet connection or bad internet coverage. Violation of Instagram’s terms and conditions.

What do you do when Instagram wont let you login?

How to Fix Instagram Won’t Let Me Log In Issue: 8 Ways.

  1. Restart Your Device.
  2. Check Instagram’s Servers.
  3. Check Your Internet Connection.
  4. Check Your Device’s Date and Time.
  5. Clear Instagram’s Data and Cache (Android Devices Only).
  6. Reset Your Instagram Account’s Password.
  7. Check for an Update.
  8. Contact Instagram for Support.

Why can’t I log into my Instagram on my phone?

Doing a quick password reset will resolve many login issues. Android and iOS users can select the reset link and have a password reset sequence sent to their email account. Android users can also do this via SMS or simply log in with Facebook to access their Instagram account.

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Why has my Instagram been disabled?

Instagram doesn’t provide precise guidance for why accounts are disabled, but it does say that it results from violating community guidelines or terms of use. In general, things like illegal activities, hate speech, nudity, and graphic violence are grounds for action.

How long do Instagram bans last?

Usually, the duration of a temporary ban on Instagram is from a few hours to 24-48 hours. The duration of the ban also depends on your subsequent actions. If you continue to commit the wrong actions, the ban may be extended.

How do you fix we couldn’t connect to Instagram make sure you’re connected to the Internet and try again?

How to fix the “We couldn’t connect to Instagram” error

  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Set your date and time to sync automatically.
  4. Update Instagram.
  5. Log out from Instagram on all devices and try again.
  6. Empty Instagram cache.
  7. Uninstall and re-install Instagram.

Why is Instagram saying sorry something went wrong?

The We’re sorry, something went wrong Instagram error commonly occurs due to severe account glitches and Internet-related issues. You should first try to log in through your Facebook account. The Windows 10 Instagram app is a great alternative that will create a unique experience.

Can you be banned from Instagram?

You can be banned from Instagram for: Selling or buying accounts. Creating duplicate accounts. Posting inappropriate content. Using Instagram if you are under 13 years old.

Why is Instagram not working today?

The most common steps to solve a problem is to restart the app or your phone, see if the Instagram service is down or try the app on a different device. If you can’t add more accounts to follow, you might have hit Instagram’s limit and you need to unfollow some accounts before you can add more.

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Does Instagram delete disabled accounts?

Instagram will not delete your account if you deactivate it. Deactivating Instagram accounts is not a sign to Instagram that you want to have your account deleted.

Can I sue Instagram for disabling my account?

2 attorney answers You will not be successful in a lawsuit against Instagram.

How can I recover my Instagram account?

If you can’t access your Instagram account or the email or phone number you signed up with:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and enter your last known email address or phone number.
  2. Tap Forgot password?.
  3. Tap Need more help?.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to submit a support request.

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