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Who Is The Second Most Followed Person On Instagram? (TOP 5 Tips)

Virat Kohli is the most-followed Asian on Instagram, with over 167 million followers. Nicki Minaj is the most-followed rapper on Instagram, with over 162 million followers.

Most-followed accounts.

Rank 1
Username @instagram
Owner Instagram
Followers (millions) 443
Profession/Activity Social media platform


Who is the 5 most followed person on Instagram?

The Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Accounts

  1. Instagram (441m followers)
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo (366m followers)
  3. Kylie Jenner (281m followers)
  4. Lionel Messi (281m followers)
  5. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (278m followers)
  6. Ariana Grande (275m followers)
  7. Selena Gomez (272m followers)
  8. Kim Kardashian (263m followers)

Who is the most followed kid on Instagram 2020?

Princess Tiffah. Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan’s daughter, Tiffah Dangote is the most followed celebrity kid on Instagram with 2.3 Million followers.

Who is most followed on TikTok?

Who are some of the top most followed people on TikTok?

  • Charli D’Amelio – 120.1 million followers.
  • Khaby Lame – 90.2 million followers.
  • Addison Rae – 81.9 million followers.
  • Zach King – 62.4 million.

Who has the most liked picture on Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo has the most-liked post by an individual on Instagram, with over 32 million likes.

Who has the most followers on Instagram 2021 Top 10?

The 10 Most Followed Celebrities on Instagram In 2021

  • Kim Kardashian: 211 million followers.
  • Selena Gomez: 218 million followers.
  • Kylie Jenner: 222 million followers.
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: 225 million followers.
  • Ariana Grande: 228 million followers.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: 272 million followers.

Who has the most followers on Instagram 2021 in India?

With more than 130 million followers, Virat Kohli was the leading influencer on Instagram across India in 2021. Among other influencers, Christiano Ronaldo and Narendra Modi stood out with more than 50 million followers each. 7

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How many followers does Virat Kohli have on Instagram?

He became the first Asian celebrity to reach the 150 million followers mark earlier in September and currently, the RCB star accounts for 160 million followers on his official Instagram handle.

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