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How To Auto Comment On Instagram? (Correct answer)

How to auto comment on posts on Instagram

  1. Create a free Phantombuster account.
  2. Connect to Instagram using PhantomBuster’s browser extension.
  3. Give the URLs of the Instagram posts you’re interested in + your comments.
  4. Specify the number of posts to process per launch.
  5. Set the Phantom on repeat.

How do you get the comment bot on Instagram?

How to Make an Instagram Comment Bot

  1. Step #1: Create an InstaChamp account for free and connect it to your Instagram.
  2. Step #2: Create new content to post on Instagram.
  3. Step #3: Create a call-to-action for your content as well as your post’s caption.

How do I use auto comment?

How to use the Facebook Auto Comment tool?

  1. Step One: Connect your Facebook Account and Facebook Page. ‍ First, connect your Facebook Account. Select the pages you want to connect to the Auto Comment Tool.
  2. Step Two: Set up your campaign. You can add multiple private responses. They will be send randomly.

What is auto comment?

But first, a little word from Captain Obvious: Auto-comments allow you to automatically drop a comment on a post on Social Media. In other words, comments make pics more seen.

How do Instagram comment bots work?

Instagram bots are services that allow a company to acquire followers onto their Instagram profile. These bots will follow other accounts, like posts and leave comments on targeted lists of Instagram accounts to help increase reach, followers, and engagement on a companies account.

What is the point of bots on Instagram?

Instagram bots are created to help you perform your daily Instagram tasks such as liking, commenting, and following, without lifting a finger. It might sound simple, but as mentioned earlier, doing those simple tasks eats up a big chunk of your precious time. Bots can make this a whole lot easier.

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How do I set up an automatic reply on a Facebook comment?

How To Set Up Auto Reply For Facebook Comment With BotHelp?

  1. Now select bot type as “Comment-to-messenger-bot” and define the triggers & actions for your bot.
  2. Click on “Set live” once you’re done setting up the bot.

How do I set up auto reply on Facebook comments?

Once you have them ready, you can set up your Facebook Comment Autoresponder.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Channel > Facebook Messenger > Comments.
  2. Select Track Comments Under ANY Post to use the same autoresponse for all posts.
  3. Select Track Comment Under a SPECIFIC Post to set up a unique autoresponse for each post.

How can I increase my likes and comments on Facebook?

10 clever ways to get more Facebook likes

  1. Develop a smart Facebook marketing strategy.
  2. Craft a great Page.
  3. Make your Facebook Page easy to find.
  4. Post relevant, high-quality content.
  5. Engage consistently and at the right times.
  6. Host a Facebook contest.
  7. Engage with other brands and communities on Facebook.

Does commenting on Instagram get you followers?

Although it takes more time to leave a thoughtful comment on a photo, your comment is more likely to result in a new follower if its personal. Comments like “Cool!” or “Nice pic!” or “insert emoji face here” are a dime a dozen and won’t leave an impression, i.e. inspire a person to check out your account.

Why does no one comment on my Instagram posts?

Scheduling your Instagram post on wrong time is the reason you are getting little to no comments. The reason is pretty simple— your audience is not active or they are the not able to see the posts at the time you publish the posts. So, you need to choose the time when your audience is likely to be active and less busy.

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What do you say to hype a girl on Instagram?

30 Awesome Comments To Post On Your Friends’ Instas To Hype Them Up

  1. “You were born to make history.”
  2. “The world wants to thank you for gracing us with this selfie.”
  3. “Sorry, gonna be late to hang out because I had to stop and admire this pic for way too long.”

Does Instagram have auto reply?

On Instagram, you can set up two automatic replies options: Instant reply and Away message (to notify when you are not online). The setup is done through the Facebook Business Suite.

Is Gramto safe to use?

As far as sensitive account info, Gramto is safe. They don’t ask for your password and their terms of use state that there are no third parties involved.

How do you spam comments on Instagram without blocking them?

How can I block comments on my Instagram account?

  1. Go to your profile and tap the three lines at top right.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Privacy and Security.
  4. Tap Comment Controls.
  5. Make sure that Hide Offensive Comments is turned on.
  6. Tap next to Manual Filter to turn it on.

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