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How To Copy Instagram Comments 2020? (Question)

If you want to see all of the comments, you need to tap on “View all x comments”. Then, navigate to the comment that you want to copy. Once you’ve found the comment that you want to copy, tap, hold and tap on “Copy” to copy it. The comment will now be copied to your clipboard.

Can you copy and paste Instagram comments?

Find the comment you want to copy. Tap and hold on any word and then expand the selection to all of the comment’s text, and then tap ‘Copy’. The comment’s text will be copied to your device’s clipboard, and you can now paste it.

How do you copy comments on Instagram 2021?

Copy Comments on Instagram Android App

  1. Open Instagram on Android and go to the post from which you want to copy comment.
  2. Tap on the three-dot menu at the top and select the Copy link.
  3. Open Google Chrome and paste the link.
  4. You still can’t copy the comment as we are on the Instagram mobile webpage.

How do I find my comment on Instagram 2020?

How to View Your Past Instagram Comments

  1. Launch the Instagram app and tap on the three-bar icon at the top. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Account > Posts You’ve liked.
  3. Here you will find all the posts that you have liked and hopefully commented on. Tap on the post you might have commented on to find your comment.

How do you copy an Instagram comment?

Instagram will only show a couple of comments on the post. If you want to see all of the comments, you need to tap on “View all x comments”. Then, navigate to the comment that you want to copy. Once you’ve found the comment that you want to copy, tap, hold and tap on “Copy” to copy it.

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Is there a way to translate Instagram comments?

Captions and comments on posts in feed, as well as the bio you include on your profile, are translated automatically based on the language they’re written in and the language settings of the person viewing it. If your language is available as a translation, you can tap See Translation below the text to see it.

How can I save Instagram comments for free?

IGCommentExport – Export Instagram Comments. A chrome extension made for people who want to export comments from Instagram into csv.

How do I export Instagram comments for a giveaway?

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your Instagram post on a computer (Mac or PC).
  2. Expand all the comments.
  3. Select all the comments and copy them.
  4. Paste the comments in a random name picker. I used this one:
  5. Choose a winner. You can also choose multiple winners if needed.

How do you copy and paste a story on Instagram?

Scroll down to select one. Click copy to save the text to your clipboard. Go back to your Instagram app – find the Stories draft. Select the text icon (“Aa”), tap, and hold on the screen where the blinking cursor is and click “ paste.”

How do you search people’s comments on Instagram?

The simplest is to open one of your own posts on a computer, where comments are automatically displayed to the right of the post, and use the Ctrl+F or command+F keyboard shortcut to search text within the browser.

How do you track comments on Instagram?

To track your comments, select the “My Photos” button from the stream options (it looks like a business card). This will list all of your posts in the stream so that you can see the comments and likes for each one.

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How do you see all the comments on an Instagram post?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap the three-bar icon on the top. Head over to “Settings.”
  2. Tap on “Account -> Posts You’ve Liked.”
  3. After this, you will be shown all the posts you have liked. More importantly, you can also track all of your comments.

How do you share an Instagram chat?

How do I send a post I see in feed as a direct message on

  1. Tap below the post you’d like to send.
  2. Select the person or group (up to 32 people) from the list below or tap Search to search for someone.
  3. Add an optional message at the bottom, then tap Send.

How do you copy and paste on Instagram on iPhone?

Head to the Instagram post from which you want to copy the caption or comments. Tap the three-dot menu and select Copy Link. Then, open the Safari browser on your iPhone. Paste and enter the copied link in the address bar.

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