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How To Reply On Instagram Chat? (Perfect answer)

Tap the Messenger icon at the top-right corner of the Instagram ‘Home’ tab. Open an individual conversation or group chat. Long-press the message you want to reply to and tap the “Reply” button at the bottom left. Type your response and tap Send.

Why can’t I reply to Instagram messages?

Many Instagram users are unable to reply to messages because they haven’t updated the messaging feature. If you haven’t updated the messaging feature on Instagram, you won’t have the option to reply to messages. Simply tap and hold a message to bring up those options. The options include “Reply”, “Report”, and “More”.

How do you reply to a message on chat?

Reply to a message

  1. Open the Chat app or Gmail app.
  2. On the bottom, tap Chat or Spaces.
  3. Open a chat message or a space.
  4. If you’re in a space, below the message, tap Reply.
  5. Enter your message or select a suggestion. You can customize a suggested message before you send it.
  6. Tap Send.

How do you reply to direct messages on Instagram online?

To access this feature, open Instagram’s website in any web browser on your computer and navigate to the Messages (DM) section. Choose a conversation from the left-hand side of the screen. In the conversation view, find the message you want to reply to directly and hover over it. Here, click the “Reply” button.

How do you respond to a quote?

Reply to an email using Quotes

  1. Open Gmail, and copy the part of the email you want to reply to.
  2. Click Reply.
  3. Click Formatting options Quotes.
  4. Next to the gray bar, paste the original message text.
  5. Press Enter and enter your response below the original message.
  6. Click Send.
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How do you respond properly?

Speak directly and clearly when you respond.

  1. Make sure they’re paying attention to you so you don’t have to repeat yourself.
  2. Recognize if someone else wants to speak and allow them room to talk as well.
  3. Allow the person to respond to what you’ve said as well.

How do you respond to a guy through text?

13 Ways to Respond When a Guy Texts “Hey You”

  1. 1 Say “hey” back to keep things simple.
  2. 2 Give him a friendly answer if you like him.
  3. 3 Try a neutral answer if you’re not sure.
  4. 4 Ask him what’s up for a casual approach.
  5. 5 Respond with an emoji.
  6. 6 Send him a funny GIF.
  7. 7 Say something cute or sweet.

How do you turn on replies on Instagram?

Go to your Instagram profile. Tap on the menu icon in the top right corner (3 horizontal lines), and tap on the gear icon to go to ‘Settings’. Scroll down and tap on ‘Business’ then ‘Saved Replies’. Tap on the plus (+) sign in the top right corner to create a saved reply message.

How do you reply to a comment on Instagram on the computer?

You can do it from your computer! To reply to an Instagram comment in Later, just select the comment, post or Instagram user you ‘d like to respond to. Then enter your response, click the Reply button, and you’re done!

What DM means?

In the digital world, “DM” usually stands for “ Direct Message.” A DM is a private mode of communication between social media users. When you send a direct message, only you and the recipient can see the content. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all have their own direct messaging platforms.

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How do you reply to a message on an Iphone?

How to reply to a specific message

  1. Open a Messages conversation.
  2. Touch and hold a message bubble, then tap the Reply button.
  3. Type your message, then tap the Send button.

Why can’t I reply to a specific message on messenger?

The person you’re trying to message deactivated or deleted their account. You’ve blocked the person you’re trying to message or they’ve blocked you. You’re trying to respond to a group conversation that the other members of the conversation have already left.

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