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How To Repost Igtv On Instagram Story? (Solution found)

How to share IGTV video on Instagram story

  1. Go to the IGTV video you want to share on your Instagram story.
  2. Now, open the IGTV video that you want to share and allow it to stream.
  3. Tap on the Arrow button on the bottom of the app screen.
  4. On the share window, tap on “Add video to your story”.

How do I repost someone’s IGTV to my story?

Step 1: On the IGTV video you wish to share to your story, tap the paper airplane icon at the bottom of the screen. Note: If you’re viewing the video in a preview on the main IGTV feed, tap the video to make the paper airplane icon (and other video controls) appear. Step 2: Tap “Add video to your story.”

Why can’t I share IGTV video on story?

Instagram users unable to share IGTV videos to Stories. Instagram on Android still has the paper airplane icon under IGTV videos which lets users share the video.By tapping on the icon doesn’t show the “Add video to Story” option. Users can still send IGTV videos to their friends through Direct Messages (DM).

Can you share someone else’s IGTV video?

Instagram announced a new feature today that lets you share IGTV videos to your Instagram Story. Tapping the paper airplane icon will open up an option to ‘Add video to your story,’ and your friends can tap the preview to go watch the entire video in IGTV.

Can you share IGTV videos?

Instagram lets you share IGTV videos to both your story and the feed. When you upload your IGTV video, you have the option to add a preview to the feed and stories. If you share a preview to the feed, a 15-second preview of the IGTV video will appear in your profile and your followers’ feeds.

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How do you repost someone else’s Instagram video?

Open the Instagram app and go to the post you want to share. 2. Directly beneath the post, tap the paper airplane icon. This will let you share it with someone via direct message, or repost it to your Story.

How do I share IGTV on feed?

After creating your IGTV video and thumbnail, write in your title and description of the video in the ‘New IGTV Video’ window. Once you’ve titled your video, you’ll see an option to ‘Post a Preview. ‘ Toggle the switch on for your IGTV video preview to appear on your profile and feed.

Why can I only repost IGTV to my story?

The most typical reason is that the person who publishes the original story has not allowed their followers to share. To mark it, go to your profile -> Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Story Controls -> Shared Content.

How do you repost long videos on Instagram?

How to Repost on Instagram

  1. Download Repost for Instagram. Download Repost for Instagram for either iOS or Android.
  2. Identify a photo or video to repost.
  3. Copy the post’s share URL to your clipboard.
  4. Open Repost for Instagram.
  5. Edit the post’s caption and share your repost.

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