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How To Set Up A Linktree On Instagram? (TOP 5 Tips)

How to make a Linktree for your Instagram

  1. Go to to create your Linktree account.
  2. Select “Get Started for Free”
  3. Enter your information to and click “Sign up with email” to create your account.
  4. Set-up your account.
  5. Copy the link to your Linktree.
  6. Open Instagram.
  7. Go to your Instagram profile.
  8. Select “Edit Profile”

Is Linktree free on Instagram?

Linktree has two tiers – a free version and a paid monthly subscription. The free version includes features like basic theme customization of your profile, and link click statistics (so you can view how many people have clicked your links).

Does Instagram allow Linktree?

Instagram sees linktree as a way to link sites that are not allowed by Instagram. While many people use it innocently, especially businesses and nonprofits, others use it to link inappropriate or dangerous websites. They won’t allow links to websites with explicit content.

Is Linktree for free?

Is Linktree free? There is a free version and a premium version, which (at the time of writing) costs $6 per month. The free version has limited functionality and doesn’t allow you to add much branding. However, you can add a profile picture and change the colour of the background to one of their presets.

Why you should not use Linktree?

Having Linktree as an intermediary means that you may lose clicks along the way, as your readers might not keep click through to your content after reaching Linktree. Growing concern that Instagram may mark some Linktree links as spam, which can make you bio link unclickable.

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Why is Linktree bad?

Missed Website Traffic Perhaps the single largest downside to using Linktree is the potential for lost website traffic to your own site. Using a Linktree link forces users to first go to, and then click through to your website.

Why is my Linktree not clickable on Instagram?

Shortened links are considered unsafe by Instagram. The reason why Link Trees in not working on Instagram is precisely this: It creates links that are just shortened links. To secure a shortened link, you need to rely on a branded link shortener or custom URL shortener.

How do you add Linktree to Instagram stories?

To add link on Instagram story: Tap on the Link icon on the Story, which looks like a chain. Tap on “+URL” or “Web Link.” Enter or paste the link in the blank part. Click “Done” and publish the Story.

What can I use instead of Linktree?

Campsite – Customizable free Instagram landing page for adding unlimited links.

  • #1 – Shorby. Shorby might be the closest to Linktree among all the alternatives here.
  • #2 – Pallyy.
  • #3 – Tap.
  • #4 – Lnk.
  • #5 – ShortStack.
  • #6 – Leadpages.
  • #7 – Milkshake.
  • #8 – Linkin.

How much is a Linktree account?

Linktree™ Free or PRO pricing. Just $6 a month.

How do I open a Linktree account?

How to create a Linktree account

  1. Enter your email address (make sure you have access to it, this is how you will verify your account).
  2. Select your username (this will become your Linktree URL)
  3. Create a password.
  4. Hit ‘Register’
  5. Enter your First and Last name.
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Why is Linktree so popular?

Social media platforms where you can share one link is why Linktree came to be in the first place. Instead of having to switch links whenever you are promoting something, you can simply leave your Linktree link in bio and customise where you want it to lead. To put it simply, it is perfect for Instagram!

What is the benefit of Linktree?

The key benefit of Linktree is that it is completely free to use. Linktree does brand your landing page, but in the form of a discrete logo at the bottom of the page. It provides stats: You can get limited stats on the free profile.

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