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How To Share Tiktoks On Instagram?

How to share any TikTok videos to Instagram story

  1. Open the TikTok app.
  2. Open the video you are going to share.
  3. Tap the share button.
  4. Select the Instagram icon.
  5. You should see two option: Instagram stories or feed.
  6. Select the stories.
  7. Share!

Why can’t you share some Tiktoks on Instagram?

What is the TikTok Instagram button not working fix? Try deleting your TikTok app and reinstalling it. Make sure when you delete your app that you don’t have any drafts you want to keep hold of. Deleting the app will more-than-likely delete any drafts you have in the works.

How can I share my TikTok videos?


  1. Go to the video.
  2. Tap Share.
  3. Choose how you’d like to share the video.
  4. Follow the instructions for the channel you select.

Can you post TikTok videos on Instagram?

You cannot repost TikTok videos or any other videos that have watermarks to your Instagram posts, stories, or Reels. Instagram wants high quality, unique content posted on their platform… not spammy reposts.

Why can’t people share Tiktoks?

The Video Creator has Disabled Video Sharing/Saving In that case, it’s very likely that the owner of the video has disabled sharing and saving on their TikTok videos. If you’re interested in tweaking your settings as well, all you have to do is switch the option from Everyone to Friends under Who Can Download My Video.

What is the share button on TikTok?

Share a TikTok video Find and watch a video. Tap the Share button on the right. It’s only visible if the creator allows sharing. Choose where to share: Facebook Messenger, Direct Message, Snapchat, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

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